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EMDR and DBT Consultation

WHEN: The second Wednesday of every [email protected] 11:00 MST
Where: Via HIPPA Compliant Zoom Video
WHO: Between 3 and 5 participants who are EMDR trained and have a basic knowledge of DBT ( not just the skills but also comprehensive DBT skills)
HOW MUCH: $ 35 a group session
Historically EMDR and DBT have been viewed as two very different therapy methods. However, the overlap can ad depth to the the treatment of your clients. I have found some nice integrations including:

*Level of Avoidance protocol for willfulness
* Chain analysis in EMDR History Taking
* PELA Protocol being used for addiction and behaviors that don't seem to be moving
* Coping ahead for skills using EMDR Future template
* Mindfulness of emotion and mindfulness used in EMDR resourcing
* EMDR basic protocol in Stages 2 and 3 of DBT treatment

I believe that it is important to have intention in where to use EMDR protocols and where true DBT is essential in the same way that it is important to decide where DBT may be helpful within EMDR.  This consultation group will allow space to share cases that you may feel stuck, information that would be beneficial to share, and skills from each participant including myself that will help you grow in the integration of the protocol. I am a Consultant in Training and happy to apply hour to those needed for certification. 

Interested in signing up?

Shoot me an email, I would be happy to keep you in the loop

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your  background?

In 2016 I completed the full training for EMDR. Can I just say I love this therapy? The changes that I have seen made are really powerful. I continue to learn new protocols as they come up. 

I was intensively trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy from BehaviorTech in 2013. I worked on a full team for 3 years before opening my private practice. I continue to do DBT informed work ( only because I do not currently have a group running and I sometimes integrate EMDR stuff into the protocol). 

How does consultation look?

I love to share knowledge about what I have learned and how you can apply it. My primary focus will be on applying the primary protocol, however, there are many wonderful protocols that can be used as well and I am happy to share knowledge and resources about the ones I know.  I welcome specific client questions about where you are stuck or where you would like to learn more. I also welcome general questions about how protocols can be used and how they can be applied to specific clients. 

In a group setting I encourage members to share recent training and expertise and I will do the same. I will maintain a focus of first applying the primary EMDR protocol and discussing alternative protocols as they come up. 

What are the rates of your services?

Group( 3-5 members) : 40$
Individual: 105$

Do you meet in person or electronically?

This is up to you. I have capability for both. My office is in Centennial, Colorado at the corner of Caley and Quebec ( between Arapahoe and Orchard). I am also available via video session. I utilize regroup connect, a zoom platform. 

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