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DBT: What is it and what can I expect?

Me, DBT, and why I say I am DBT informed: I am currently practicing DBT from an informed approach. While my DBT therapy includes basic concepts and theories of DBT, I am not running a group and when it is appropriate and the client agrees I sometimes integrate other forms of therapy into my DBT. If you are looking for full comprehensive by the model DBT I am happy to refer you to other providers in the area.
What the heck is a Dialectic?: Simply put,  a dialectic is the idea that two opposite things can happen at the same time.

What is the goal of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: DBT focuses on changes in Behavior. If you have a behavior you just can't seem to change this might be the therapy for you. The theory of DBT comes from behaviorism. This means that you keep doing something because it works in some way even if it is not working in an over arching way. Even if you are not clear on what this positive association is we will work together to both understand and manage the behavior you would like to change.  We will discuss skills which would be beneficial to making these changes. 

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