How much do services cost?
Sessions are 45 minutes-55 minutes long.

Session cost is 120$

​​ Free: A Phone or in person information session in order to learn if we are a good fit. 10 minutes -45 minutes

While I do accept insurance, some people prefer not to use their insurance provider.  A mental Health Diagnosis is required for all insurance companies to receive reimbursements. Some of these diagnoses become barriers in the future, as they become pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies also have the right to few certain parts of records.

Some people prefer to use insurance. I accept Cigna, United, and Medicaid. I am also able to out of network bill other insurance companies and I am happy to provide a super bill. If you would like to use insurance please contact your insurance provider in order to find out rates, co-pay, and coverage.

True happiness is when passion
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