What to expect
· In order to make sure we are a good fit, you will have the opportunity to schedule a free in-person or phone consultation before scheduling an initial appointment
· Before your first appointment, you will receive an e-mail with an invitation to join the consumer portal. Within this portal, you will find paperwork for your first appointment. Feel free to complete as much as you feel comfortable. There is no need to print forms as all signatures are electronic.
 · In our first few appointments, we will spend more time getting to know each other, setting up goals and expectations and finalizing paperwork. At first, we are strangers, and this can be intimidating. We allow space and time for gaining trust and building safety.
 · Forget everything you have seen on TV. They do a poor job of portraying therapy most of the time. Together, we will use highly researched techniques and skills in order to meet your goals. 
· You will leave each appointment with tangible take away skills and/or insights to apply to your daily life. When doing EMDR, these skills and insights look a little different and are still there.
· We encourage teamwork and open communication. We will work together toward change. You are encouraged to ask for your needs in therapy. Likewise,  I will be open about my expectations as well.