·        Do you feel like you are juggling a million plates and just waiting for one or all of them to come crumpling down?
·        Do you struggle to know where and how to set boundaries so that you can begin taking care of yourself?
·        Do you feel stuck in this life, not sure how to feel happy?
·        Are you struggling to decide your next steps in your career?
·        Is your relationship rocky and you are unsure if you should keep it going or end it?

The struggle’s that lead to women specific issues is due to hormonal changes throughout life, societal expectations, and an expectation to pull yourself up by your boot straps. We are often left wondering is it me or them, with no answer to be found.

Expectations to be strong leave you feeling weak.

Women are often better than they think at putting on a face and looking strong. Unfortunately, this leaves us feeling lonely and like we are the only ones suffering. Phrases like “mommy burnout” are becoming more popular, but it still feels like you may be the only one who can’t hold it all together. Let through my experience as a therapist, mom, wife and friend; I can tell you, you are not alone. Women everywhere feel like they are drowning in mental and/or physical chaos. Hormonal fluctuations and societal expectations leave women feeling at wits end. Add to that the fact that it is difficult to make friends as adults and life can feel pretty lonely.

Luckily, therapy can give you the skills and understanding you need to feel grounded and at peace through all of the chaos and unrest.

Find peace within it all

In therapy for women’s issues you can learn the skills and gain the insight you need to become your best you. We will work together to find your genuine self so that you can confidentially make the decisions that you need to make. You can learn your boundaries and how to set them in order to take care of yourself.  You can even find some self-care techniques that aren’t a bubble bath or pedicure. You can learn when to stay and when to go and you can learn what part of your struggle is your responsibility to change and what part is someone else.

We will do this by learning how your past affects you now and gaining skills for your future self. I am willing to be gracefully honest with you about changes that can be made by you and will work with you to find the solutions that you need. Meanwhile I will also listen to your needs and insights in the process.

Sometimes messages and experiences from your past may interfere with your ability to be the strong women you are capable of being. In this case, we will explore this past and find resolve for the future. If you are comfortable and want to, we may do this through EMDR therapy.

If you prefer to stick to present day needs that is okay to. We will take a skill building approach to women’s therapy.  We will discuss both your role and others role in your current discomfort. We will discuss acceptance of others we can’t change, while finding ways we can change yourself and your environment for success.

Left with more questions about women’s therapy?

Shouldn’t I just be able to figure this out on my own?

Figuring this out on your own is lonely and often dead end work. Utilizing a professional allows you to have support and guidance along the way. I will ask questions you may not know to ask yourself and give non-judgmental support so that you can feel comforted in the processes.

One of my famous sayings is “You shouldn’t should on yourself.” We spend so much time talking about the way we “should” be and what we “should and should not” do that the pressure becomes impossible to keep up with.

This sounds like hard work, will it really work?

This sounds like hard work because the reality is that it is hard work. It takes a very strong person to pick up the phone and call a therapist asking for help. I can tell you, that it really can be worth every ounce of effort you put in. Imagine feeling grounded most of the time, feeling at peace with your day to day life. If that dream could become a reality would it be worth it?
I don’t have the time to put all this energy toward change?
As a working mom of two young children, I completely understand this. It feels like you don’t have time to breath somedays, non the less work on your goals and needs. You may see me as much or as little as your schedule allows in order to meet you goals. We can work together to see how you can make this work for the time frame that you need it to work for. The reality is fitting therapy into your life for the next few month may be the difference between happiness and unhappiness. You don’t have to do this forever, but it is worth making it work for the payoff.

I am passionate working with women because I know that we have a ton of environmental and physical struggles which hold us back from our vision of success. I believe that if every women felt the power and strength that they hold within themselves we can be real live super women. I know that therapy for women’s issues can inch each of us closer to finding our individual super powers.

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