·        Does your brain bombard you with questions that don’t seem to have answers?
·        Do you feel like you worry all the time and just can’t stop?
·        Does your mind race wondering if you did something right or what you could have done differently?
·        Do you lie awake at night with thoughts you just can’t seem to stop?
·        Is concentrating on one thing becoming an impossible task?
·        Do you wonder if you should stay or go in your relationship or career?

​​Sometimes your brain latches on to a topic and just won’t let go. This leaves you feeling constantly distracted whether you are trying to work, sleep, or just relax. For some people these thoughts are caused by anything and everything. This is referred to as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). For others it is specific to a certain situation such as a job or a relationship. Either way, it is painful and not something you want to live with forever. Heck, you might even feel anxious about starting anxiety treatment. Anxiety is annoying to say the least. It makes you feel broken and like there is something wrong with you can’t fix. Frankly,it’s downright exhausting.​​​​​

Anxiety symptoms can be found everywhere

You would be surprised to know how many people around you struggle with symptoms of anxiety and simply do not talk about it.  In fact, the ADAA reports that anxiety effects 40 million adults in the United States, and that is only the amount of people who call it anxiety. Many people call it worry or stress and feel too broken to even talk about it.

Anxiety is uncomfortable and debilitating, but you do not have to live like this forever. With anxiety therapy, you can gain an understanding of your anxiety so that you can gain back control over your life and decisions.
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Therapy can help you gain back your sense of self​

Anxiety disorder treatment works because most of us don’t know how to manage it on our own. Anxiety self-help books and pop psych tell us we can simply think positive and the answer will come. This just leaves you feeling frustrated and struck even more. I will guide you so that you can gain a deep understand about where your anxiety is coming and why you have it. With this understanding you will be able to have a greater control over your worry, your thoughts, and your life.  You will learn skills and techniques that cater to your specific anxiety so that you can find reprieve from the uncomfortable emotion.

Don’t worry we won’t just jump into an understanding and skills. We will first build a foundation of safety and grounding techniques so that you have the power to control how anxiety symptoms affect you both in and out of session. I will allow you to let me know when you are ready for the next steps because you are the only one who knows when you are safe. Each person may receive different skills and have a different experience because each person needs something just a little different. I welcome open dialogue about your needs and what works for you so that we can find what words for you.

You will be given insight and skills each session so that you can apply them in your day to day life. Your anxiety exists outside of the session so my goal is to give you skills to be successful both in and out of session. We will spend the first part of each session discussing your experience between sessions. If you are choosing to be in therapy I do not believe you would choose not to apply what is learned on purpose so we will explore the why when necessary.

I have been working with people who are suffering from symptoms of anxiety for over 10 years and have seen many people change their lives through therapy. Even if you don’t feel like any change is possible I welcome you to explore anxiety treatment. I have seen it work time and time again and believe it can work for you.  

Being genuine is important to me. You will see this in my laid back domineer, willingness to engage in conversation about what works for you, and a desire to help you find your genuine self, not something that I believe to be genuine. In Therapy with me you will find hope, a sense of self, and a true you.

Still wondering if anxiety therapy is for you?

How do I know is my anxiety is too big or too small?

In your free consultation we will discuss whether or not we are a good fit for treatment.

It can be easy to think your problem is not big enough to get therapy for. It is easy to compare yourself to others people and stories you have heard. Even if you have a mild amount of anxiety or short term symptoms, therapy can give you the strength to manage the discomfort so that it does not grow or continue returning. If you are uncomfortable with what you are experiencing, it is okay to ask for support.

On the other end of the coin some people are scared that their issue is too big for me to handle. I am trained to make sure I take care of myself so that your struggles don’t carry on to my life outside of the therapy office. I also attend consultation groups with other therapist who support and anchor me when I am feeling stuck. I don’t believe you should have to do this alone so I don’t either.

What if people find out I am in therapy and think there is something wrong with me?

First, I would like to say that everyone I have met so far in my life has something they can improve on in their life. While this question is a realistic concern, it frustrates me we are still fighting the stigma of therapy. That being said, everything you talk about in therapy and the fact that you are in therapy is required by law to stay private. This is not only a law but a personal preference. I want you to feel safe.

What if it doesn’t work?
I answer this with another question. What if it does work? Sometimes we have suffered with something for so long it’s scary to think of life without it. Sounds weird but it’s a thing. I will always have hope in my patient’s recovery. How can I know, you may ask, well I have seem success time and time again.

Ready for therapy now? Feel free to call me to set up an over the phone or in person free consultation. Click            for address and directions. 

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